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Our purpose is to work for and on behalf of KORA by providing images of residents for residents and KAO.

(1) Photograph new residents for KORA welcoming bulletin board, the library, digital and print directories, Kendalight, KAO medical records, and Archives.
(2) The New Residents photos will be accessed from KAO files as needed for identification and remembrances.
(3) Photography Committee members will take event images of interest for Bulletin Board and use in Kendalight.
(4) Residents aåre required to sign permission release statements and may check any of the following:
Internal use: resident publications, bulletin boards, event photos; Marketing use: Kendal at Oberlin advertising, print material, website, and social media; Marketing use: Kendal Corporation print and online use

This Committee does not grant permission for disclosure of photographs. These permission slips are included in your Welcome to Kendal at Oberlin packet from Admissions


Chairperson: Vern Wettersten
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