[ Wheelchair and Walking Partners under Care and Nuturing


Wheelchair and Walking Partners (WWP) want to make it possible for those who live in Stephens Care Center (SCC) to attend any and all events in Heiser that they choose. WWPs push or accompany SCC residents to programs of those residents’ choice, then return them to SCC. A brief but important training is required prior to becoming a WWP, but there are no meetings.

Add some fun for a resident in the Stephens Care Center! All it takes is pushing a wheelchair or walking with a resident to and from a campus event. You are alerted by email and respond whether you are able to transport a resident for that event. We need many volunteers because WWWP members are active and often on the program, out of town, or engaged in another activity. There is a 15-20 minute introductory training session. For information, contact: Sandi McClennen (774-7142, sandi@mcclennen.us) or Barb Benjaimin (419-508-8622, bbqueenk@aol.com).


co-chair: Barb Benjamin
co-chair: Sandi McClennen

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