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AUDITORIUM AUDIO-VISUAL SERVICE: The purpose of the A-V group is to provide assistance and support for scheduled events in the Heiser auditorium by setting up and operating the A-V equipment. Normally an operator from the group is present at each event in the auditorium. The group also maintains equipment and suggests purchases of new equipment when necessary (Irv Lewis, John Pesuit).

Audiovisual Scheduler: (Grace Tompos)

The 2015 Annual Report of this Committee is available here.


HEALTH NEWSLETTER: The health newsletter aims to generate 8 times a year a collection of health related abstracts that are accurate, timely, and pertinent and to distribute this newsletter to K@O residents by their choice of hardcopy, email or website. (Don Hultquist)
The 2015 Annual Report of this Committee is available here.


HEISER DESK VOLUNTEERS: To provide hospitality, information, assistance and security to members of our Kendal community, their guests, and other visitors by recruiting, training, and scheduling residents to monitor the lounge area from the reception desk during the late afternoon and early evenings when no employee-receptionist is on duty. (George and Jane Hannauer)




KENDAL RESALE SHOP: (Formerly RAFF Shop) Manage Kendal’s resale shop---preparing resale donations from residents and exhibiting them in our shop and "Room 280" for resale primarily to residents and staff. All proceeds go to KAO’s Resident Assistance Fund. (Ruth Ann Clark; Dan Rieber (car sales)
The 2015 Annual Report of this Committee is available here.


NEWCOMERS AND FRIENDSHIP: To provide mentors who make new residents feel welcome and answer their questions, and otherwise promote integration of newcomers into the community; twice yearly dinners for newcomers, and two or three community receptions per year to meet new residents. (Anne Wardwell)


PUBLICITY PLUGS FOR OBERLIN SCHOOLS: Publicity Plugs serves provides public relations support for the Oberlin Public Schools. The program originated in 2005 after the departure of a staff member who handled community and public relations for the Oberlin Schools. Kendal residents volunteered to fill the void, writing and photographing stories for submission to area newspapers. This work contributes to public awareness of the programs and events in the Oberlin Public Schools.

Learn more about volunteering with Publicity Plugs by contacting (Carol Ganzel, Nancy McClusky).


Resident Medical Resource: To facilitate the transfer, between residents, of information about medical conditions.
(Don Hultquist)
The 2015 Annual Report of this Committee is available


SECOND HARVEST: Once or twice a month, a crew reports to the warehouse that supplies donated food to Food Pantries in Lorain and nearby counties, and sorts and weighs cans, boxes, packages and bottles. (Gay Fischer)


SNOW DAY "TEACHERS": To provide supervision for designated school-age children of staff whenlocal schools have a snow day, under the umbrella of the HR Department and coordinated by the Volunteer Clearing House Committee.(Donna Baznik)


VOLUNTEER CLEARINGHOUSE: To assist in coordination of volunteer opportunities. To collect data of yearly volunteer hours. (Anne Elder)
The 2015 Annual Report of this Committee is available here.